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Future Insights Live in Las Vegas

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I absolutely love attending conferences. I enjoy traveling, networking, learning from industry experts, and heading home feeling inspired to make something great. I was thrilled when I learned (mt) Media Temple was sending my team out to Las Vegas for Future Insights Live.

There was no shortage of interesting and insightful talks, but a select few really stood out to me.

How to Destroy The Web

How to Destroy The Web was a hilarious and brilliant keynote presentation by Bruce Lawson of Opera. He focused on a number of tips and tricks you should implement so people can’t use your website. There were even a few things I’m ashamed to admit I may have done before. =/ View Slides Here

Beyond Media Queries: Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Design

Creating great responsive websites takes more than a fluid grid and some media queries. Brad Frost took us beyond media queries and touched on the many different aspects of responsive web design and development. View Slides Here

Telling Stories Online

I promise I’m not being biased here, but my favorite talk of the trip was Telling Stories Online by (mt) Media Temple’s own Jon Setzen. It really left me thinking and made me look at web design in a new perspective. Everyone loves a good story and Jon’s talk was filled with them.

The Speaker Dinner

Attending the speaker dinner at Shibuya was by far the highlight of the trip. Not only did I get to enjoy some amazing food and Japanese beer; I got to meet the industry professionals that I look up too and learn from. Between sharing a table with Cameron Moll, Estelle Weyl, and Brad Frost to chatting with Mark Otto about Github, Bootstrap and CSS; This was truly one of the best conference experiences I’ve had. Thank you (mt) Media Temple!