A Brand New MediaTemple.net

On January 5, 2014 we successfully launched the brand new MediaTemple.net. It’s been a year-long process for me that was filled with prototyping, testing, failing, and learning. This project allowed me to revisit my web development process and ultimately help create a design system that allows our team to build and grow at the speed of the industry. It was such a pleasure to work with and learn from all the incredibly talented people that worked so hard on this redesign.

10 Things I Learned in my 20's

When I turned 29 last month I found myself reflecting on my life. I thought about how far I’ve come, both in my life and in my career. I remember sitting in my seat during high school graduation and looking around at the smiles on my fellow classmates’ faces. I particularly remember the straight-A students. They knew exactly what they were going to do and where they were going to be, the confidence and excitement was oozing out of them.

Hello World


JavaScript Design Patterns

I’ve been looking to expand my knowledge of design patterns in JavaScript and I believe I’ve come accross the perfect thing to help me out.